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The Stó:lo Resource Centre(SRC) was completed in 2010 in the heart of S'ólh Téméxw ('Our World; Our Land') on the Coqualeetza Grounds in Chilliwack, B.C. Prior site of the Coqualeetza Residential School. Based on the traditional form of Qoqolaxel (the innovative inverted gable 'Watery-Eaves' longhouse at the junction of the Chilliwack & Fraser valleys), the Stó:lo People built a Siy:ám House; a place of respect, a place of culture, knowledge, economy, & sharing.

This is a place that will help with the important task of yólhmet te mekw'stám ít kwelát', "Taking take fare of everything that belongs to us, the Stó:lo".

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